What is GST Number?

GST number is a 15 digit alphanumerical digit issued by GST department. Every tax-payer who registers under GST (Goods and Services Tax), get an unique identification number (GSTIN).

GST number is pan based and every GST number contains pan number of entity. A GST number consists of 15 digits. First 2 digits represents state in which GSTIN is registered. Next 10 digits are PAN number of tax payer. 13th digit represents total number of registrations obtained using same pan number in a state. 14th digit as of now is by default Z and has no particular significance. 15th digit is checksum number. One can get 15th digit by using checksum formula to verify if GSTIN is valid.

What is the procedure to get a GST number?

A Tax-Payer has to get registered with GST department to get GST number (GSTIN). One has to be registered to get a GSTIN. Registration procedure is very simple.

  1. Visit GST portal and follow registration link,
  2. Fill the registration form,
  3. Attach Documents,
  4. Once application is approved department will issue GST number,
  5. Documents required for GST registration are PAN, address proof, ID proof and bank details.

How to verify a GST number?

You can first verify a GST number using checksum formula used by GSTN to validate a GST number. Checksum method is used to derive 15th digit of a GSTIN by using first 14 digits.

Once a GST number is found to be valid, you can verify GST number on GST portal or KnowYourGST website.

However, checksum forumla is a bit complex and one can directly verify GST number on many websites available on internet. Tikshare has released windows98 based software to help search GST number using name, pan of tax-payer.

You can utilise this software to search a GST number. Again, remind you Tikshare helps to search GST number and not verify a GST number.

You must again verify a GST number after searching it.

What is GST search API?

GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) is a not for profit organisation which overview tech infrastucture and implementation of GST. It has released various APIs to search GST number, file GST returns etc. One can use these APIs to verify a GST number.

You can even embed APIs in your software or web app to verify GST number. However GSTN has not released these APIs directly for public and one has to use these APIs through third parties authorised by GSTN.

GST Search API helps to search a GST number. This API provide details of a GST number such as:

  1. Tradename,
  2. Legal name,
  3. Address,
  4. Nature of business,
  5. Additional places of business in a state,
  6. Juridictional details,
  7. Status of GST number.

How to check GST number with name?

To check GST number with name of company, firm, person or owner, type details in Tikshare search software. Click on submit button and results will be displayed.

Though on GST portal, the facility to check GSTIN with name is not available, however third party software such as Tikshare helps to provide search facility.

Tikshare collects data from various methods such as browsing various websites to collect GST details. For, example you visit any public limited company and get GST number from there. We also visit physical premises to obtain GST details.

Every business registered under GST has to display it's GSTIN. Goods and Services Tax department conducts visits to check if GSTIN is displayed outside business premises. Displaying GSTIN is compulsory for every business owner. Penalty of Rs. 25,000 can be imposed if GST number is not displayed. Further penalty can be added under CGST Adct, so total penalty can be upto Rs. 50,000.

PAN is compulsory for getting GST registration?

Yes PAN number is compulsory to obtain GST registration. GST certificate cannot be issued unless PAN details are provided.

Infact, if you check any GST number, PAN number forms part of every GST number.

Every GST number consists of 10 digit pan number. After state code, PAN number is part of GSTIN.

Even to start with GST registration process, first step is providing your PAN details. You cannot start with GST registration application without providing PAN number.

Search GST Number

You can search GST numbers with Tikshare GSTIN search engine. You have to only provide name of person, company, firm, person or LLP and results will be displayed. You can even search GST numbers with PAN number. You can also search GST registered in a particular area.

To search GST numbers in a particular area, along with GST number or name type state name also. Further to search in a narrow area type PINCODE.

You can search in a pincode also. To check, GST numbers in a particular area type pincode and click on submit button. GST numbers registered in particular pincode will be displayed. However, search results are restricted to 50. You will get only 50 results. So better approach will be to type a party name along with pincode.

Search GST with name

You can search any gst number with name. Type the tradename or legal name of a company, firm, LLP or person and you will get registration details. You can also provide state name along with search name to find GSTIN of a particular state.

For example, Reliance Industries Limited is registered in many states. But if you want to know details only in one state (Gujarat), then type Reliance Industries Limited and also Gujarat. You will get list of GSTIN belong to Reliance Industries Limited in Gujarat state.

Tikshare - GSTIN Search Software

You can use Tikshare GSTIN search software to get Name By using GST Number, search name from Pan Number, search Firm Name By GST Number, search Legal Name Of Business In GST For Proprietorship, search Company Name By Pan Number, search Company Name From GST Number, get Firm Name By GST Number. You can also use this software to search address of a GST number.

You can use this software to get details. Now you must be thinking, how do we got these data? Well, we have obtained data from various sources. We have incurred cost to get data and to recover we show ads. We have got GSTIN data from using following sources:

  • From different websites,
  • By visitng place of business, every business has to display GST numbers outside it's premises,
  • User submitted details, users love to display their details.